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NEGATIVE LANE propaganda dismissed after request fulfilled...

Hey. I just wanted to let you guys know that crackhead updated her website. And after many, MANY requests... "Negative Lane" has been played by A.R. at not only one, but TWO venues...

So, crackhead posted both video's on her multimedia section and here is the link:


I personally think they both sound great, but if I HAD to choose, i'd go with the Village Underground version having the best sound quality to it.

And did you know Antigone Rising is playing with Evanescence down south? I'VE NEVER WISHED SO MUCH THAT I LIVED IN GEORGIA AS I DO RIGHT NOW. BOTH bands are amazing and seeing them play together would be puuurrreee heaven.

Enjoy and keep on rockin'!

-Christina (Your community maintainer)
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I love crackheads site!